I combine digital anthropology, systems thinking and behavioural economics in two primary practice areas;

  1. Assisting companies across all industries to understand the potential, realities, risks and impacts of emerging technologies, from blockchain to Artificial Intelligence to Internet-of-Things and Industry 4.0. For corporate planning, employee relations, digital transformations, acquisitions and strategic technology investments.
  2. Helping technology and non-technology companies and startups bring new technologies to market. From UX/UI design insights based on anthropology to how people use technology, trust factors, danger zones and traps and pricing strategies.

Consultative Calls: These can range from a few minutes to an hour or two. Minimum price is USD$300 or CAD$350. Calls can be via phone, Skype or Google Hangout. I am fine with calls being recorded or transcribed.

Board Briefings: While these are most often in person, they can be done via video conferencing. In cases of video conferencing, the client is responsible to provide the connecting services and location. Base price is $1,500. Should board briefings be on-site, it is base price plus travel and accommodation. I travel via Canadian or EU passport.

Due Diligence Research & Analysis for Technology Products and Investments: For investors and VC firms, I conduct deep analysis of a proposed investment into a technology. I look at cultural issues and gaps, potential hurdles, systems weaknesses and additional opportunities for product extensions. Base fee is USD$7,500 or CAD$8,500. If an on-site visit is required travel and accommodations are to be provided.

Government Briefings: I have provided over 30 high-level briefings to senior government officials at the federal, state and provincial level across Canada, the United States and UK over the past decade. Rates are based on depth of briefing required, follow-on meetings and travel.

Market Potential Analysis: For startups or established companies looking to roll out a new technology or app. I provide comprehensive, deep market analysis and research combining traditional and digital research to help determine market success potential. Base projects start at at $8,500. Depending on the startup, I may work out a better deal with you.