Case Studies

I help both high technology and low or non-technology companies bring new technologies to market. I also help companies across many industries develop their strategies for bringing emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain or robotics into their operations. Due to confidentiality, I can’t name my clients (in most cases.)

A Sensor for The Toilet
Flush with excitement for what they could do with sensors for human health, this company wanted to put health sensors into home toilets. The sensors were being developed to test urine for PSA levels in men and sugars for diabetics. The future plan was for a pregnancy test and narcotics. My guidance focused on bathroom rituals, approaches for marketing messaging and user acceptance and the UI design.

Bringing Artificial Intelligence into the Workplace
A large financial services firm was considering bringing in AI tools in certain back office departments of the company. My role was to help them understand ethical issues for development of the AI tools, employee issues and potential risks (publicity and risk of litigation), along with approaches to working with Human Resources in messaging should they roll out the AI solution.

Consumers and Predictive Analytics Products
An insurance company was looking at how to roll out a predictive analytics tool in the area of healthcare insurance. They wanted to understand how consumers would interact through the website and mobile apps and how to help ensure trust building. I worked mostly with the marketing department and engineering.

Helping an IoT Device Manufacturer Develop a Product for Home
As the Internet-of-Things (IoT) market heats up, this company wanted to understand the home environment and what makes consumers buy home IoT devices. This was key for pricing strategies, product positioning and developing marketing messages.

Deploying Worker Tracking Devices in the Workplace
A large multi-national corporation was exploring how they might bring tracking devices into the workplace. They needed to anticipate user adoption, how people might circumvent the systems, security risks, use of the data and employee privacy rights and associated risks. In addition, they wanted to understand how employees would view such a technology and impacts on productivity and interdepartmental relationships.

Product Repositioning for an IoT Device Maker
A European company had developed a device for the home, which had launched but was seeing lacklustre sales. My role was to help them look at how consumers, especially families, use IoT devices in the home. The resulting changes made to the product increased sales by 73% in the first 9 months of changes made as a result.

The Potential of Blockchain in Municipal Property Services
A large Canadian city wanted to better understand how they could leverage blockchain for their property services, from title and deed through to survey data and municipal planning impacts.