Webconomist is Giles Crouch. I’m a digital anthropologist and a prolific writer on the intersection of technology and society. Intensely curious and always digging for insights on something or other. I’ve traveled all over this world, from the depths of Africa to the middle of Latin America. A British ex-pat living in Atlantic Canada. Lovely spot.

I’ve been involved in 4 startups as a co-founder, three of which were either sold or became a public company and one which was a spectacular failure. I’ve launched both software and hardware products in countries around the world with both private and public companies.

In 2001 I co-founded/created the Ice Awards for creative in advertising, propelling the regional agency industry from obscurity to national awareness. 15 years later it’s still going strong!

Today I am a managing partner with Big Data Social Intelligence firm Well Researched, a division of The Well Creative Consultants.

I’ve been interviewed by news media quite a bit on technology and society. I’m always up for an interview, usually after a good cup of joe.

News Media I’ve Been Interviewed By (2009 to 2016):

  • CBC The National (TV)
  • CBC Radio One (2x)
  • CTV National News (2x)
  • CBC Evening News Atlantic (+5x)
  • CTV News Atlantic (+10x)
  • Global National News (3x)
  • Global Maritimes (+10x)
  • Radio News 97.5 (Science Files and the Rick Howe Show; numerous times)
  • BBC Channel 4
  • The Philanthropist
  • Globe and Mail
  • Progress Magazine