About Giles Crouch

IMG_8854.jpgWebconomist is Giles Crouch. I’m a polymath and autodidact with an educational and experiential background in digital anthropology, behavioural economics, systems thinking and marketing. I have over 20 years global experience in bringing new and emerging technologies to market from software to hardware. I work with a wide variety of governments and ┬ácompanies from industrial to consumer packaged goods to technology and startups.

I’ve completed over 300 digital research projects since 2008 from opinion insights to how consumers use technology (Netnography). My clients include all levels of government, tech giants, IGO’s, NGO’s, large and small enterprises and start-ups. I’m regularly interviewed by news media on the intersection of technology, society and culture. I’ve also spoken at over 100 events, conferences and industry association meetings.

I’ve been involved in startups as a co-founder and worked at the senior management level in both private and public companies. I’ve launched both software and hardware products in countries around the world.

In 2001 I co-founded/created the Ice Awards for creative in advertising, propelling the regional agency industry from obscurity to international awareness. 17 years later it’s still going strong!

Born of solid Welsh stock and deep ancestry, Giles has made Canada his home for over 30 years. I’m proud of Wales and being a Celt and Great Britain as a whole! But then I also love the many diverse and amazing cultures and peoples of our world. I live on the East Coast of Canada in the port city of Halifax, a city filled with a long and rich history and a major technology hub of Canada. I’ve travelled the world with the only continent I’ve not been on being Antarctica, but then penguins aren’t that much into technology, so not much to study. Maybe they’re onto something…

News Media and Lectures/Speaking:

TV News

  • CTV News Atlantic: Over 20 interviews
  • Global News Atlantic: Over 12 interviews
  • CBC The National
  • CTV News National
  • BBC Channel 4


  • CBC Mainstreet
  • CBC Radio 1 National News
  • News 97.5

Speaking & Lectures

  • Dalhousie University, Faculty of Management; 4 lectures on digital transformation
  • Saint Mary’s University; digital engagement
  • Mount Saint Vincent University: digital public affairs
  • Canadian Public Relations Society Annual National Conference 2018: Data Breaches