The World of Multiple User Interfaces

With the boom in voice activated devices like Alexa and Google Home and Apple’s tepid push on the speaker, you’d think voice is going to be the new dominant UX or User Experience. Add in those voice assistants on our phones and you’d be right to think that way, but in reality, not so much.
What we’re more likely heading for is a universe of many user interfaces. Touch, gesture, voice and the usual OS UX experience. So it’s going to get more complicated not less. This is largely because so much technology today is transitional. No one device does all the things we want. You simply can’t design a print magazine on a tablet or smartphone. And even smartphones are getting larger screens, not smaller.
This multi-UX environment will rely increasingly on the tech giants who have ecosystems; Google, Apple, Microsoft. Perhaps Amazon. Perhaps. As they all make or have close partners that make the various devices we use, their ecosystem becomes critical to enable things to work in various situations.
I predict this will be the case for a good 15-20 years. So much technology today is transitional, something I come back to a lot with companies I work with. The upside is it means a lot of opportunity, the downside is it does make things complicated dealing with more complex backends and integrations.
Voice will certainly play a key role, but look to see more IoT and other devices along with OS’s mix and match with UX’s in the years to come.
What do you think?

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