The Subtle Part Missed in Apples 2018 Keynote at WWDC

This years keynote by Apple at it’s spring WWDC conference wasn’t expected to be a big one really. And for the most part it wasn’t. When they started going on about new wallpapers for the AppleTV, you know it’s mediocre at best. But there was something they did announce that largely flew under the radar.

Apple announced it’s plans to bring Artificial Intelligence to the smartphone with ML, bolstered by external GPU capabilities. So what? Isn’t Siri AI? Yes. But.

This is significant because it’s about Machine Learning, a core component of AI. The reality for hardware today for smartphones, PC’s, tablets and laptops is that well, they’ve kind of hit a peak. All they can do now is get a little faster in processing, more and better storage management, screen tweaks.

Now, the easy stuff is done with most software and hardware. So it’s time for more complicated stuff like AI, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR.) And really, this is when things are going to get very interesting. Now we can start solving complex problems. Apple, Google and Microsoft know this very well. Apple and Microsoft are making the biggest moves right now in this area (Microsoft just bought GitHub for their part. A clever move.)

So now things are going to get fun. It will be interesting to see what developers do.

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