Why Comparing Mac & Windows Laptops is Silly

When Apple finally, after four long years of digital drought introduced the new line up of MacBook Pro’s it didn’t take long for the criticism to to start flowing faster than the raging torrent of Niagara falls. Yes, they deployed a year old processor, the touch bar was, well, interesting. But then came what I dreaded would come; comparing Apple hardware to Window’s hardware. Certainly Sony, Dell, Toshiba and others have improved their laptops, some are very good.
It’s Not About The Hardware
It’s really about the software. The OS (Operating System.) Mac’s run macOS. Windows machines run Windows. Two entirely different approaches to software. Each OS does things in different ways. Apple hardware is far more deeply integrated with the hardware. Windows software is put on a variety of hardware; that causes problems. Except Microsoft’s Surface; an excellent tablet, built by Microsoft. The Apple OS comes from Unix.
It’s About Workflow and Ecosystems
If you’ve spent many years with MacBook’s and you know the OS well, you probably have a lot of apps and workflow processes you like. Chances are you also own an iPhone or other Apple product. You’re in the “ecosystem” of Apple. Same goes for Windows, though you’re more like to own an Android phone. Switching between either one means investing in learning a new OS; Windows 10 has a lot of good changes and it’s a great progression for Microsoft.
So if you’re switching from one OS to another, you’re going to be buying a lot of new apps and learning/developing new workflows. There’s going to be an adjustment.
Think Software not Hardware
At the end of the day, the decision you make has to consider the OS you’ll be using, all the new apps you’ll have to buy, how long it will take you to adjust and if that investment is good or will either of the OS’s lead you to switch again?
So it’s not the hardware really; its the OS, the apps, the ecosystem and time you’ll have to invest. This is why it’s a bit silly to compare hardware. Maybe the touch bar is a gimmick, but maybe so is a 3 screen laptop…but they’re choices for consumers. Whatever floats your boat.

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