Microsoft Vs. G-Suite Experience

I’d like to write about comparing a custom domain Gmail compared to Microsoft and about the G-Suite and Google Docs and do a deep comparison. But I can’t. Simply because it’s such a nightmare to even set up a custom Gmail. I’ve tried. Over 3 months I tried. Signed up in various ways and configurations. The worst part is when you give up then check your personal Gmail and find a verification of email and constant pushes to “enjoy your 14 day free trial” – even after the 14 days has expired. I see.

So I went to my domain hosting company and checked that they have Microsoft hosted Exchange. Price was about $15/year higher. But within 5 minutes I was set up on iOS, macOS and fully functional. Done. In 5 minutes. I already have the Office365 subscription and I was able to bypass that and just sort my email.

Google? You have to sign-up for Google Apps just to give feedback. But you can’t even sign-up for Google Apps without a pre-existing corporate account. Even if you own your domain name. Uh huh.

So essentially, if you want an easier, faster, less complicated experience, the answer is Microsoft. Google search might be good, but since you can’t even access G-Suite, unfortunately I can’t do a comparison.

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