Cutting Through The Bot Hype

Bots, bots everywhere. They’re the hot topic of the tech world these days. The pundits are slathering over them and angel investors along with VC’s are rolling dollar signs in their eyes. The hype cycle is full throttle like Mad Max racing across the desert. But are bots really that hot? Let’s take a sober second look.
What Are Bots?
They are software programs that leverage machine-learning (Artificial Intelligence) to do things for people within an app. Domino’s has a bot that lets you order a pizza via Twitter. Then Slack has bots within it’s platform to help with things like scheduling meetings, to help ease the endless back and forth.
Where’s The Big Bot Bucks?
Ah well, we’re talking the tech world here. That part, along with even how useful bots are, is yet to be sorted. A bot that helps you buy things may take a cut and others may have micro-subscription fees or advertising.
What About the Apps?
Most bots today live inside an app. That will likely continue. The apps will be the foundation level and bots will work within that ecosystem. Some say apps are dead. I doubt it. But that’s another article.
Bots are most likely going to be within apps and not replace them.
So What’s the Hype?
The hype is a lot about not much really. While some bots will be very helpful, it will be a while before they really move into being useful. Some will be useful right away, but given the generally rough state of AI right now, it’s early days and consumers will be guinea pigs for a few years yet. Right now bots are something for the pundits to write about. Apps still dominate. They’re just not as exciting to write about.
What about you? What do you think about bots?

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